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PD billing issues

By February 27, 2019Uncategorized

November 2018, Nephrology News & Issues: The Unexpected Perils of PD Billing, by Rick Collins

A few missing words and a lack of understanding have combined to make reimbursement for PD services a difficult problem for dialysis providers. While CMS generally has a good understanding of how PD should be appropriately billed and reimbursed, the same cannot be said for commercial and other government payers, including those that provide Medicare Advantage plans. In my experience, there are outpatient dialysis providers that are not being fully reimbursed for their PD services and are not aware this is happening.

Read the full article at: https://www.healio.com/nephrology/kidney-care-community/news/print/nephrology-news-and-issues/%7B8adccc45-924e-473c-a60b-26dee1f41166%7D/the-unexpected-perils-of-billing-for-pd-services

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