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Recent articles written by Sceptre and published in Nephrology Times

October 2018: I like POP, by Rick Collins

CMS’s Patients Over Paperwork (POP) initiative signals welcome relief from decades of increasingly oppressive documentation requirements. While the proposed changes to evaluation and management services (E&M) coding levels have grabbed headlines due to concerns about possible reduced reimbursement, there is great value in allowing providers to focus more on patient care and less on documentation. For years providers … Read More »


September 2018: Stop Throwing Away Your Money, Part 2, by Rick Collins

In the last issue of Nephrology Times I addressed two common ways in which healthcare providers spend money needlessly. The first was employing management personnel with no financial training and the second was contracting with incompetent vendors. While incompetent managers and vendors may be giving an honest effort, there are, unfortunately, managers and vendors that are intentionally dishonest … Read More »


July/August 2018: Stop Throwing Away Your Money, Part 1, by Rick Collins

I am sickened by the many ways in which providers wind up spending money needlessly based on faulty or incomplete information. In this first of two articles, I identify two of the four most common areas which cause providers to waste money and make poor decisions. Employees in Authority Without Financial Skills In my experience, the most … Read More »


Recent articles written by Sceptre and published in Nephrology News & Issues

November 2018: The Unexpected Perils of PD Billing, by Rick Collins

A few missing words and a lack of understanding have combined to make reimbursement for PD services a difficult problem for dialysis providers. While CMS generally has a good understanding of how PD should be appropriately billed and reimbursed, the same cannot be said for commercial and other government payers, including those that provide Medicare Advantage plans. In my experience, there are outpatient dialysis providers that are not being fully reimbursed for their PD services and are not aware this is happening.

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April 2018: Medicare payment for Parsabiv and Sensipar moves to Part B

Editor’s note: In January, both Parsabiv and Sensipar moved from the Medicare Part D reimbursement to Part B for patients with end-stage renal disease. We asked Sarah Tolson and Rick Collins at Sceptre Management Solutions to explain how the change impacts dialysis providers and physicians.

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